DayGlo clown shoes?

DayGlo clown shoes?


As tempting as it is to wear dayGlo clown shoes, one must, never.

So, there's no denying the awesomeness of being a freelance writer.

There are ups and downs.

More ups than downs ... generally.

One of things that happens when you start to write, is people send you stuff.

A lot of stuff.

And there are the obvious perks like travel and such, too.

Like the presidential suite with the butler. That was cool.

But from time-to-time you get sent ... well ... this.

I was working for a magazine in Sydney and a box arrived on my desk, and with the usual professional practicality I slit the box open with my letter opener.


Cosmetics? Knickers? Books? The latest TV show to review (Game of Thrones). Oh yeah.


Iridescent clown shoes.

Dozens of them.

Crocs had been recently re-branded and they were on marketing overdrive. I was sent a box of plastic clogs which the marketing material assured me was a new spin on a 'classic' design.


You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter and boy were these babies bedazzled.

As a travel writer it's important to be impartial but let me just say that when I wore a pair of these waterproof, rubber foot-fiends and posted a pic of me wearing them on social media I was unfriended by more than one.

Rest my case.

Once, I was sent a box of knickers, which I wore. And while western camp wasn't my thing and the stallion galloping across my nethers didn't exactly float my boat I gave those babies a chance.

But Crocs.