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Mahia Peninsula

Mahia Peninsula


It all started when...

... my editor made a suggestion to help with my writer's block.

One of the things I lack is discipline.

I am easily distracted ... by anything shiny.

And sometimes dull objects, too, or the washing, or lawns, or rearranging the cutlery drawer.


Or internet shopping. I once bought several thousand plastic teddy bear noses because they were going cheap.

Don't believe me?

noses small.jpg

Anything to avoid actually writing something ... anything.

All writers know the key to success is to put aside a portion of your day to write.


500 words.

One page.

That's all you need to do.

Princess Leia small.jpg

"If you travel often,
the law of averages will at times
throw calamity your way."

Or if you're Enid Blyton, 10,000 words.

Curse her. 



Writer's block.

If you write for a living, not being able to complete your core function is crippling, frustrating and at times horribly upsetting. 

One of the things my editor suggested to maintain momentum over the next year and master writing discipline is by blogging on the same subject each day for a year.

Apparently by the end I will be a writing legend.

We'll see. 

The topic of this literary odyssey, of this year-long exercise was surprisingly difficult to come up with, until one of my friend's suggested I write about all the things I should NOT have done on my travels.

My magazine articles are full of wonderful suggestions about where to go and what to do, but more often than not the back story is nowhere near as glamorous as it looks in the finished publication.

So, for the next 365 days, I will share some of the tumult of being a travel writer.