Nothing a schmeer of creamcheese can't remedy

Nothing a schmeer of creamcheese can't remedy


Where do I start?

I was in Melbourne writing a city guide.

This particular night I was going to a local hot spot to check out a burlesque show.

Such an evening obviously meant aperitifs while dressing, so after a couple of dirty martinis - heavy on the gin - I decided on a photo shoot with dear old R2-D2.

Obviously, the sensible thing would be, rather than be on time for my driver, dash to the local bakery to purchase bagels. 

Which I did.

Fortunately the bakery was open and I was able restore Princess Leia's honour with a rendering of her famous scene with R2.

Less fortunate was that so time consuming was the dressing of the bagels (you wouldn't believe how many rubber bands I went through) I missed the show.