Day 5 - Get me to the grotto

Cannot leave hotel for rest of stay.

Hand-washed quick-dry knickers and hung them on balcony.

Returned from breakfast to find blustery conditions had blown them onto balcony below.


Lock-down short-lived: forced to leave room.

Jazz festival organisers arranged a daytrip, so I could enjoy a spot of sightseeing in the valleys surrounding Ascona.

Not sure what I expected of Switzerland. It wasn’t on my radar for this year and maybe that’s why I am completely blown away.

I’d heard it was “pretty” and “picturesque” but today, picture postcard scenery came thick and fast – simply too much to take in.

Lunched at La Froda - about halfway up the Val Bavona.

The restaurant is simple – food is cooked over andopen fire: roast beef and polenta. 

Stunningly beautiful tiny, stone-house villages and churches and frescoed towers. It’s a remarkable landscape.

Foroglio where La Froda is situated sits at the base of a 300m waterfall that pours out of a higher valley into the Val Bovona.

Back in time to dress, grab media pass and head on down to gear Wil Sargisson play on live radio stage set up on the waterfront.

Had no idea he was so good. Gotta watch those quiet ones!

Overdosed on Swiss cheese … drifted off to sleep early in a food coma.








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